Cynefin and Complexity Masterclass for Agile Practitioners

Applying Cynefin and Complexity based approaches in the workplace and beyond

Dave Snowden (Creator of Cynefin Framework)


As business environments and product ecosystems become increasingly complex and unpredictable, organizations need more than just a set of recipes or ‘best practices’ to respond effectively to changing demands and market environments.This Masterclass focuses on the principles of Cynefin and complexity and their strategic uses for agile development, not just within the technological space, but also in terms of organizational/cultural change, and policy adaptation.

Challenge entrained thinking patterns and develop insights into new and better ways of problem-solving and decision-making. Learn to manage uncertainty in increasingly complex environments by using the Cynefin framework as a sense-making tool that can be scaled easily. Discover how to harness the principles of Cynefin and complexity for agile working.


Two day combines practical exercises and examples with unique refreshing approach.

An introduction to Complexity Thinking – and its implications for leadership, decision-making & management

Applying and contextualizing principles of the Cynefin framework

Leverage emergence to increase innovation, cross-silo knowledge transfer, and employee onboarding

Stimulate beneficial self-organization within managed constraints

Heuristics and self-organizing teams

Learning Objectives

Gain an understanding of how to

Create cultural transformation and change

Build organizational resilience

Engage employees to locate latent opportunities and detect threats early

Combine traditional and Agile practices appropriately based on the situation

Influence and change systems

The Cynefin Framework helps teams work effectively, improve decision making, and adapt management styles across different environments with various degrees of uncertainty and complexity.


May 27-28, 2017


08:30 AM - 06:00 PM

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Classroom Workshop


Dave Snowden


The Leela Ambiencem, Ambience Island, National Highway 8, Gurugram - 122 002


SAFe® 4.0 Advanced Scrum Master

Certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Course

Priyank Pathak (SAFe Program consultant)


This official SASM two-day course prepares current Scrum Masters for their leadership role in facilitating Agile team, program, and enterprise success in a SAFe® implementation. The course covers facilitation of cross-team interactions to support the program execution and relentless improvement. It enhances the Scrum paradigm with an introduction to scalable engineering and DevOps practices; the application of Kanban to facilitate the flow of value; and supporting interactions with architects, product management, and other critical stakeholders in the larger program and enterprise contexts. The course offers actionable tools for building high-performing teams and explores practical ways of addressing Agile and Scrum anti-patterns in the enterprise. Attending the class prepares you to take the exam and become a certified SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM).


SAFe® framework, values, and Lean-Agile principles

Agile and Scrum anti-patterns

Program increment planning, execution, and Inspect and Adapt workshops

Quality engineering, Agile architecture, and DevOps practices

Kanban for facilitating team and program flow of work

Building high-performing teams

Interaction with the system team, deployment, UX, architects, product owners, product management, and business owners

Learning Objectives

Learn how to apply SAFe® principles to facilitation, enablement, and coaching in the multi-team environment

Build a high-performing team and foster relentless improvement at the team and program levels

How to address Agile and Scrum anti-patterns

Support the adoption of engineering practices, DevOps, and Agile architecture

Discover how to use Kanban to facilitate the flow of team and program work

Learn to facilitate program planning, execution, and delivery of end-to-end systems value

How to support learning through participation in Communities of Practice and innovation cycles


May 29-30, 2017

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Mix of theory & workshop sessions (Classroom Training)


SAFe Program Consultant




Implementing SAFe® 4.0 with SPC Certification

Certified SAFe Program Consultant Course

Become the Lean-Agile Change Agent that leads the SAFe transformation in the enterprise


This official SPC4.0 four-day course will prepare you to lead an enterprise Agile transformation by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). The first two days of this class is an intensive version of Leading SAFe. Focus would be on the knowledge necessary to lead an enterprise agile transformation by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework and its underlying principles of lean thinking and product development flow. In the next two days, you will gain the knowledge needed to identify, plan, and implement SAFe programs with Agile Release Trains


Leading SAFe 4.0

Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework

Embracing a Lean-Agile Mindset

Understanding SAFe Principles

Implementing an Agile Release Train

Experiencing PI Planning

Executing and Releasing Value

Building an Agile Portfolio

Building Really Big Systems

Leading the Lean-Agile Enterprise

Implementing SAFe 4.0

Reaching the SAFe Tipping Point

Designing the Implementation

Launching an ART

Facilitating ART Execution

Extending to the Portfolio

Understanding the SPC Exam

Applying your SPC Certification

Participating in Open Space

Learning Objectives

Learn how to implement the Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe)

How to Lead an enterprise Lean-Agile transformation

Learn how to implement and manage a Lean-Agile portfolio

Develop the leadership skills necessary to support the transformation

Learn how to find the value streams around which to organize the enterprise’s Agile Release Trains

How to Launch and support Agile Release Trains and coordinate value streams

Learn how to prepare teams to launch the Trains in the organization

Build and execute the implementation rollout strategy

How to introduce the organization to the principles of program portfolio management and agile architecture

Learn how to construct the framework for a specific enterprise context

Train managers and executives in Leading SAFe and act as a SAFe Agilist (SA) certifying agent (SPCs only)

Train teams in SAFe for Teams (S4T) and act as a SAFe Practitioner (SP) certifying agent (SPCs only)


May 22-25, 2017


08:30 AM - 06:00 PM

Participant Profile



Mix of theory & workshop sessions (Classroom Training)


Certified SAFe Program Consultant (Review here)


ibis Gurgaon Golf Course Road Block – 1, Sector – 53, Golf Course Road, Gurugram - 122002


Ambience Island, National Highway 8, Gurugram - 122 002